New album ‘Deliver Us’ to be released in September 2021

Deliver Us has been a part of us for a long time. We’ve played it, loved it, hated it, hummed it, layered it up, stripped it back, and lived with it, as all the other bits of our lives ebbed and flowed around it.

It waited, as we worked away at it. It never went anywhere.

We knew it wouldn’t.

That’s why it feels so good that Deliver Us is finally ready to collide with the wide world beyond the four of us! Just like our debut, Welcome the Dead, this album runs the full range of what’s shaped us as players and songwriters, from power to thrash to melodic to prog.

What’s different this time is that the journey to the heart of each song and what it’s saying feels more direct. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but we like where it’s ended up.

Continuity and contrast with Welcome the Dead crop up in other ways as well. We’re lucky to have been able to work once again with the incomparable Tim Hamill, whose tireless work at Sonic One Studios helped us keep the depth and drive of our sound while weaving some new elements through the sonic storm. The chance to feature more of Marcela Bolivar’s compelling work also let us take the power and emotion of Welcome the Dead’s artwork and shape it to fit the new landscape we’ve set out into with Deliver Us.

One major thing has changed, though, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Signing with Pitch Black Records to release Deliver Us is the perfect step for Hunted, and we’re grateful for the chance to give the album a home on a respected, dedicated label who care as much as we do about Metal and what it means to all of us. Pitch Black have kept the flag flying for years; it’ll be awesome to get on board and be a part of that.

On 10 September the curtain finally gets drawn back, and Deliver Us gets the release it’s been waiting for. Whether you’ve been with us since Welcome the Dead (or even the pub stage and three-track demo days!) – or just need a bit more from-the-heart metal in your life – we hope you join us, and check out the album that wouldn’t go away…

Check out the latest announcement from Pitch Black Records here!

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