Aria (In Memoriam)

Released on the album ‘Welcome the Dead’

Lyrics: Barberini

Music: Barberini

Dedicated to the memory of Christopher Barberini – brother, friend and metalhead (RIP)

Sway my weakened hand

For I cannot control this urge to break

Carried away by the waves of fate

I cried for you to stay, but

He still dragged you astray

Reaching our for reasons

Stretching ignorance for selfish bliss

Cast Away – Taken Away

Slipped into the mouth of God

No air to breathe/Pulled into slumber/No void to fill

I(We) fight – He smites

I’d crawl up in sin to save what’s/who’s right

I (We) can’t thrive on broken faith

It all keeps falling to pieces

There’s no grand masterplan

The walls keep rotting away

No true essence to be found

Lore and lie will not suffice

His guilt embodied in a tainted kiss

A rapture of love

A piece of death inside us all

I’m(We’re) afraid – I’m (we’re) weakly made

I(We) fear the thought of death so I(We) cower and pray

It comes to us all

Nobodies word will save you (us)

An outstretched hand I cannot reach

A call I cannot heed

Your drowning eyes so hard to see

Every wish you made will live on in me

An outstretched hand I’ll never reach

A call I’ll never heed

Your drowning eyes I’ll always see

Every wish you made will live and die in me